Belvedere's headquarters are strategically located in the Emirates,
the company operates regional offices in Bahrain, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Switzerland and has manufacturing interests in Melaka, Malaysia.

The group retains 80 staff around the world and has achieved sales and successfully delivered projects on every continent. Belvedere specialises in three core areas of the defence and security sectors.

Turnkey defence procurement, project management and training.

Belvedere's senior management is made up of a complimentary blend of former armed forces personnel and experts in the commercial fields of finance, logistics and project management. This gives the organisation an enviable capability to work with qualified clients by accurately interpreting the needs requirement, identifying and delivering appropriate solutions on time and on budget.
“We have had the good fortune to work with many leading defence organisations in some of the most challenging environments around the world, we have a focus on supporting our clients with comprehensive training significantly past the point of sale. Our philosophy is to work on a transparent basis”. William Unwin

Specialist product representation.

Belvedere retains committed product specialists in order to provide manufacturers with dedicated routes to lucrative export markets. We provide direct access to our extensive distribution network operating in over 20 countries around the world. In addition, we reinforce our principles with dedicated sales and marketing initiatives including the generation of enquiries, management of price and commercial negotiations and post sales support as required. We facilitate product training post sales as required, provided by our in house training team.
Belvedere entrust a small number of complimentary manufacturers in order to give dedicated focus to each company. Our product divisions are represented from our Bahrain and Emirates offices.

Manufacturing anti ballistic solutions for individuals, vehicles, aircraft and vessels.

Belvedere has a sister company in Malaysia, The Armour Factory. This dedicated facility manufacturers a range of "Gold Standard" anti ballistic products. These include hard amour plates, including the worlds most flexible hard armour insert, soft armour solutions, ballistic helmets, shields, vehicle and aircraft armour as well as bespoke solutions for vessels and buildings.
When operating at full capacity the Armour Factory employs over 120 skilled staff and is capable of manufacturing 750 helmets and 400 sets of bespoke body armour a day. The Armour Factory is widely regarded as Asia’s leading body armour manufacturer, it benefits from strategic relationships and partnerships with the worlds best recognised suppliers of aramid, dyneema and ceramic creating ultra reliable, affordable solutions.


The Armour Factory's emblem is the Rhino reflecting the inherent strength of the armour they produce. The company are proud sponsors supporting the protection and resuscitation of the natural Rhino population in Malaysia.

Other areas of interest.

Belvedere is in commercial negotiations to become joint venture partners in the manufacturing of fast patrol boats and military motor cycles in 2009.

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