Belvedere Systems operates without
boundaries providing global clients
with a truly global solution.

Belvedere specialises in providing turn key solutions for governments, multi national companies and global public funded bodies. In order best to provide this service Belvedere Systems aims once projects enter the contract phase to plant imbedded staff within our clients operations. Be this for the supply of near shore water fast patrol craft, for the supply of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or the transfer and supply of tracked armored vehicles from one third party government to another. All our projects are associated with cutting edge technologies that require training for successful end user integration.
Belvedere’s project staff and operations are supported by our global nerve centres. In recognition of the rapid global dynamics and the importance of the Middle Eastern centrifuge our Global Head Offices are located in Dubai.
Belvedere’s projects often call upon complicated in innovative finance packages. In recognition of this and that of Switzerland’s global reputation as a financial hub, Belvedere’s financial organization is managed from our offices in Geneva, Switzerland.
Malaysia has continuously out grown all its global competitors in recent years and continued to buck the trend in 2008. In recognition of Malaysia strategic position economically providing a wealth of young professionals Belvedere has two large facilities in Malaysia; Project Management facilities for planning, delivery and post service support are located in Kuala Lumpur and a second larger facility in Melaka designs, tests and manufactures world class ballistic protection systems at our sister company The Armour Factory,

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